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S.Matheus' BIO

Silvia Matheus has been composing with computers and electronics since the 1980’s.  Her most influential teacher was Hans Koellreutter with whom she studied for several years in São Paulo, Brazil.  

She then moved to the U.S and got her MFA in Electronic Music and Recording Media at Mill College, Oakland, California.

There she built music scores/controllers that were made of glass etched with conductive painting. The glass scores were interfaced with electronic instruments acting as controllers.

Her artistic experiments involve collaboration with performers in acting, filming, dancing, and multi-kinetic art sculptures.  Her compositions have been performed in Europe, Asia, North and South America.

She is a member of Analogous, a group that celebrates the fusion of styles - electroacoustic, electronic and ambient noise. 


Other interests include video and audio documentation of art production for theater, dance, and concerts in the San Francisco Bay Area.

T.Miley' BIO

Thomas Miley is a graduate of Mills College, where he studied with Anthony Braxton, David Rosenboom, Larry Polansky and Maggie Payne.  He has performed solo and with the electronic music ensembles In Your Face, Cone of Confusion and Analgous, and at numerous venues including KPFA, Berkeley Store Gallery, The Lab, Canessa Gallery, Stanford University,

Sound Culture SF, ICMC (Greece), SEAMUS (Austin, Texas), etc. 


He invented and uses alternative tuning systems and is currently developing virtual reality environments to create alternative ways of generating and controlling audio and music. He has been involved in video game development for many years at various companies in the bay area.

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